Bengali Translation and Subtle Adjustments

I’m stoked that an excerpt from my book, Of Sand and Sugar, has been translated into Bengali and published in TechTouch Talk out of India. Big thank you to Mahua Das for translating my work. The English and Bengali versions of “When Form Takes Shape” can be read here…

For many years one of the central expressions I have been promoting and advocating in favor of is the great affirmation of life, saying Yes to the process with a triumphant declaration even in the face of the suffering and sorrow that are inherent elements of existing in the flesh here on earth.

And while I still believe this to be a powerful spiritual philosophy to extoll for the development of mindfulness and resiliency in dealing with the problems we naturally go through in life’s trials, tests, and tribulations, we have now entered a period of time in the world where there must be subtle adjustments made.

Because now the moment has arrived where the most powerful word left in our lexicon and the most important ideological stance that can be taken is to simply say NO.

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