Clay and Blood

I’m happy to share this reading I did of Mihaela Melnic’s poem “Clay and Blood” which she posted recently on her YouTube channel. The piece was originally published at Dissident Voice and is an excerpt from our forthcoming collaborative book, Evermore (due out this summer through 17Numa Press)….

Of Poetry and Chakras

I felt the urge to run my mouth a bit in a new video today on YouTube where I spoke about Songs of Selah, my recent speech delivered to the Atlanta Writers Club, the Viral Literature: Alone Together in Georgia anthology released through the AWC, and a few other goings-on from so far in May.…

Songs of Selah #146

This week’s episode of Songs of Selah featured an interview with C. Cimmone about her new poetry collection, Torn Up (Femme Salve Books, May 2021).

The conversation continued into the second hour with Elisabeth Horan and Beth Gordon of Animal Heart Press joining in to talk about life, art, and the healing power of poetry.

Episode #146 can be listened to here…