Songs of Selah Halloween Special with Alien Buddha Press

Songs of Selah
Episode #120

October 31, 2020
6-8 PM EST

Listen live or catch a replay later here on 17Numa Radio…

Halloween Special with Alien Buddha Press. Twelve ABP authors will be calling in to read their work from the House of Horrors anthology series.

Call in with questions and to win free copies at 646-668-8757.

With Readings From

1- Red Focks
2- Beverly M. Collins
3- Carrie Magness Radna
4- Chani Zwibel,
5- Jared Morningstar
6- Jason O’Toole
7- JJ Stick
8- Megha Sood
9- Michael D Miller
10- Robert Ragan
11- Samir Karimo
12- Sandi Leibowitz

Songs of Selah: Featuring Mela Blust and Kashiana Singh

Songs of Selah
Episode #119

October 26, 2020
8-10 PM EST

Listen live or catch a replay of the episode here on 17Numa Radio…

It’s going to be an exciting episode! Great friends of the show and wonderful poets, Mela Blust and Kashiana Singh, return to the program to read selections from each other’s new collections and to discuss the projects they’ve been working on in 2020.

Phone lines will be open at 646-668-8757 if anyone would like to call in with questions for the guests or to read a few poems of their own during the open mic segment.

They Found a Woman’s Body by Mela Blust is available here.

Crushed Anthills by Kashiana Singh is available here.


I have a bright idea. Open society. End the lockdowns. Free the people to live their lives as they see fit at their own preferred risk. Put the actual authoritarian criminals in cages.

Better yet, toss them in a zoo. For public viewing where we can visit during field trips to study them as a reminder of what happens to petty tyrants whose overreach for power becomes too lustful and wicked.

I could probably think of a few money launderers, human traffickers, mad scientists, rogue intelligence agents, and corrupted politicians who would fit in perfectly in such a habitat. I’m sure they’d all get along swimmingly together.

Grant free admission to every citizen who comes to point, stare, mock, and laugh at the disgraced gang of psychopaths as they adjust to their new environment.

A masquerade on full display.

Return of the Fission

I’m excited to share that a selection of my poems, including three excerpts from Of Sand and Sugar, have been published in a new venue operated out of Serbia called A Too Powerful Word. Huge thank you to Danijela Trajković for including my work at her site.

“Homeward Bound,” “Return of the Fission,” “Of Sand and Sugar,” “Sweet Tooth,” and “Eternal and Infinite” can be read here…

I hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful and inspired September so far. I do have a few copies of the book on hand at the moment if anyone is interested in picking one up (just shoot me a message).

Thank you for all the Birthday love and well-wishes expressed recently, my friends. It brought a big smile to this old man’s face. Cheers!

Abstract Visions of Light (20/20 Version)

I’m pleased to share that an excerpt from my book, Abstract Visions of Light, was published recently by Dissident Voice. Big thank you to Angie Tibbs for including my work at her site operated out of Canada. The poem, “Here and Now (and After),” can be read here…

Copies of Abstract Visions of Light from Alien Buddha Press are available here…



Wishing everyone good health, peace of mind, strength of heart, and unflinching faith as we move through the Age of Wuhan.

Best of the Net Nomination

I’m excited to share that my poem “Ham & Havarti on Sourdough” has been selected as a nominee for the 2020 Best of the Net anthology. Big thank you to Karen Cline-Tardiff at Gnashing Teeth Publishing for the honor. The piece was originally published back in April and can be read here…


Full press release from Gnashing Teeth Publishing:

CultureCult Press: Hope Anthology

I’m excited to announce that the new Hope anthology of poetry released through CultureCult Press is now available.

It was an honor to serve as guest editor on this exciting project featuring the work of 50 brilliant poets from around the world.

Big thank you to all the contributors who helped make the anthology possible, and to Jay Chakravarti for designing and publishing such a beautiful collection.

Copies of the Hope anthology from CultureCult Press can be ordered here on Lulu (Thank you for your support!)…

Hope Anthology Cover (Final)

Songs of Selah Special with Alien Buddha Press

Songs of Selah
Episode 105
Monday, April 20
8-10 PM EST

It’s going to be a blast on this special 4/20 edition with Red Focks from Alien Buddha Press!

He’s lined up over a dozen authors from the This One Time The Alien Buddha Got Soo High… and This Other Time The Alien Buddha Got Soo High anthologies who will be calling in to read their work. 

Phone lines will be open at 646-668-8757.  Time permitting, we’ll have an open mic session at the end of the show.

You can also call in for your chance to win a free copy of the anthology.

Listen live at the link below (or download the archived episode from the same link afterwards if you’re checking things out later)…


Alien Buddha Press Songs of Selah promo


Featuring Readings From:

Brian Rihlmann
Brooke Nicole Plummer
Carrie Magness Radna
Chani Zwibel
Chella Courington
G Macias Gusman
Judge Santiago Burdon
Lb Sedlacek
Linda Imbler
Paul Koniecki
Robert Ragan
Robert Wilson
Ronald P. Bremner


Alien Buddha Press - Got High Anthology


Alien Buddha Press (Got so High 2)

Songs of Selah: Episode 100

The 100th episode celebration has arrived! What a ride it’s been so far over the past year and a half.

Beth Gordon will be joining the program on March 9th to discuss her new book, Particularly Dangerous Situation. Phone lines are open at 646-668-8757 for anyone who would like to call in during the second hour and read some work of their own. Hope to hear from you!

The episode airs live from 8-10 PM EST at the link below (and an archive can be listened to anytime afterwards at the same spot)…

Thank you to everyone for listening to the show, subscribing to the 17Numa Radio channel, and helping to spread the word by sharing episode links. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Setu Mag Submission Call: 2020 Western Voices Special Edition

setu magazine logoSetu Mag: A Bilingual Journal of Literature
2020 Western Voices Special Edition

Submission Guidelines:

Please send 3-5 previously unpublished poems
Times New Roman 12-pt font
Attach as Word Document
Include a brief third person bio

Subject Line: SETU 2020 WESTERN VOICES – Your Name

Deadline: April 20, 2020

Submissions should be addressed to:

We look forward to receiving and reading your work!

Scott Thomas Outlar
        Guest Editor

Please visit to access past issues and find out more about other upcoming special editions, projects, and events from Sunil Sharma, Anurag Sharma, and the Setu Mag team.

The 2019 Western Voices Issue can be read here.