Interview with Scott Thomas Outlar

Interview/English:Poetry Deep Down from the Soul

Thank you to Vatsala Radhakeesoon for interviewing me recently at her site, Poetry and Creativity…

Poetry and Creativity

Interview of  poet  Scott Thomas Outlar

Vatsala Radhakeesoon :  Scott Thomas Outlar, welcome to Poetry and Creativity blog! Please tell us about your background, earlier life and actual life?


Scott Thomas Outlar : Well, I was born and raised in the suburbs outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Karmic energy carried over from a previous life brought with it a streak of rebellion in the form of a slash emblazoned straight across my spine. Authority was not my cup of tea as a child, nor as a teenager. It still isn’t to be quite honest. Some things never change. But I’m able to roll with the waves of this world and better understand the ways in which it works at this point. So I just smile and stay connected to the lyrics of my own soul in an attempt to align with the song that originates from a higher source.

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Raw Electric Waves by Scott Thomas Outlar

Thank you to Raja Williams and CTU Publishing for posting this excerpt from my book, Happy Hour Hallelujah…

Creative Talents Unleashed

chocolate espresso bar

in the midnight hour

a little sip of coffee

a little puff of smoke

I can see crystal cities

beyond the haze

I can feel electric light

coursing through the veins of night


Wi-Fi waves smog the room

bathing in the collective vibe

Candle burning end to end

all paths lead to inner peace…



Owls send early morning signals

through songs of audible consciousness

A swamp of synchronicity fills the air

a perfect crest in which to nest…


© Scott Thomas Outlar

Happy Hour Hallelujah front cover draft

Excerpt from the book “Happy Hour Hallelujah”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

Seated (Visions of Verse) About the Author

Scott Thomas Outlar resides in the suburbs outside of Atlanta, Georgia where he spends the hours flowing and fluxing with the ever-changing currents of the Tao River while laughing at and/or weeping over life’s existential nature. He hosts the site

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Product Placement

Thankful that my poem “Product Placement” appeared recently at Eunoia Review…

Eunoia Review

Place your tax break
near my lower bracket
and then brace
for balance
upon impact
as I send you swirling
toward the higher class
of holy angels
that walk amongst us
here on earth.

Place your precious lips
around the swollen ego
of my liver
and then start to suck
twenty years of wine
from the organ
one glass at a time;
red or white,
the story remains
ever the same.

Place your nuclear warhead
on the tip of my tongue
and then dance a jig
as the fireworks ignite
in an electric symphony
of infinite explosions
while I tap and tease
every triggered red button
I can find
for my greedy little fingers.

Place your hopes and dreams
close to my weathered ears
with a wanton whisper
until the winds of change
begin blowing hard
across the wonderland of winter
and the scales
of the seasons shift
as the…

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God, Love, Truth, and Light

I have feasted. I have fasted. I have loved. I have lost. I have done good deeds upon the earth. I have wasted away in decadence and apathy. I have sought harmony and balance. I have raged with the thirst for war. I have both prayed to and cursed God at different points throughout the years. I have stood tall when all seemed hopeless. I have fallen to the floor over the most foolish events. I have kept my word. I have left promises unfulfilled. I have tamed my ego. I have let vanity run amok.

To strive toward an elusive goal that can never actually be achieved because it is continually moved forward in every moment it gets approached can sometimes seem to be a daunting task. But such is the path of life’s journey. It is not perfection which I seek, nor even the pursuit thereof, but rather the deepest state of peace possible in each new moment that arises.

There are so many memories from the past 37 years that have been surfacing lately, some beautiful, others broken. But more importantly, there are infinite experiences still to be sought and embraced. I can see the other side of the shore from here. Let my compass be set toward that which is pure. Let my faith be aligned with a steady wind that guides the sails. Let my courage always be strong and resilient, regardless of whether the seas are silent or stormy.

I’m grateful that a poem of mine appears in the latest issue of The Pangolin Review published out of Mauritius. Big thank you to Amit Parmessur for including my work. “God, Love, Truth, and Light” can be read here……/current-issue-part-2

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