May 2023

Fit to Burst – Lothlorien Poetry Journal (print)

Lothlorien Poetry Journal (issue 22) Cover

Spirit Animal – Wellerism

April 2023

Fluffy Fever Dream Symphony – Bright Flash Literary Review

Fit to Burst – Lothlorien Poetry Journal

March 2023

An Ode to Spring in the Form of Collage – ILA Magazine

Seven Koi in Pisces – Setu Mag (2023 Western Voices Editorial)

February 2023

Lizard Crown – Lothlorien Poetry Journal (print)

Lothlorien Poetry Journal issue 18 cover

January 2023

Dispatches and Declarations (Farm Edition) – Setu Mag

November 2022

Lizard Crown – Lothlorien Poetry Journal

September 2022

Dispatches and Declarations (Circa October 2019) – ILA Magazine

August 2022

Dispatches and Declarations (Circa April, 2021) – Setu Mag

July 2022

Dispatches and Declarations (Circa August, 2021) – ILA Magazine

June 2022

Dispatches and Declarations (Circa Nov, 2020) – Vatsala Radhakeesoon Blog

May 2022

Invisible Hands in the Age of Churning – Setu Mag (2022 Western Voices)

April 2022

This Will All Make More Sense Four Years Hence – ILA Magazine

January 2022

Lizard Crown – Setu Mag

December 2021

Chewing the Cud – ILA Magazine

August 2021

Of Life and Death – Dissident Voice

July 2021

As Riddles Unravel – ILA Magazine

Jabberwocky Theater – Dissident Voice

February 2021

All The World Is a Stage (Western Voices Introduction) – Setu Mag

January 2021

En Garde 2021 – Dissident Voice

July 2020

Eternal Optimism Foreword– Culture Cult Press Anthology (guest editor)

Hope Anthology Cover (Final)

May 2020

Western Voices Edition Introduction – Setu Mag

May 2019

Ray of Thought - The Art of Writing Class

Poetry Workshop (part 1) – Ray of Thought

Poetry Workshop (part 2) – Ray of Thought

Ray of Thought - Poetry Workshop promo

The Shifting Poles – Ray of Thought

April 2019

Five Years Later – Credo Espoir

February 2019

Setu Mag – Western Voices Edition Introduction

Chewing the Cud – Ray of Thought

December 2018

Sound and Form – Ray of Thought

Casting Spells Instead of Stones – Ray of Thought

Phase Shift to the One Point – Synchronized Chaos

August 2018

Begging the Question – GloMag (print)

January 2018

Chasing After the Essence – Setu Mag

December 2017

Once More Unto the Spin – Setu Mag

November 2017

Get in Love – Setu Mag

October 2017

Celebrating the Selfless – Setu Mag

September 2017

As the Season Shifts – Setu Mag

July 2017

Preface – GloMag

January 2017

A Break in the Action (Short Reprieve) – Novelmasters

A Break in the Action (Short Reprieve) – Dissident Voice

A Changing of the Guard – Dissident Voice

December 2016

Tri-Polar Homeostasis – ELSiEiSY

Solstice Questions – ELSiEiSY

September 2016

Enter the Shift – Section 8 Magazine

August 2016

The Opening Salvo – Indiana Voice Journal

July 2016

An Abstract Vision of Paradise – The Metaworker

Fluffy Fever Dream Symphony – Novelmasters

June 2016

Shifting Poles – Quail Bell Magazine

Five Aces – Burning House Press

Daydreaming Dystopia – Novelmasters

May 2016

Trust in the Process – The Blue Mountain Review

February 2016

Ask Not – experiential-experimental-literature

June 2015

Silver Neon Thunder Phoenix – Eunoia Review

March 2015

Zero Point – Eunoia Review

The Opening Salvo – Eunoia Review

Tri-Polar Homeostasis – Eunoia Review

Fluffy Fever Dream Symphony – Eunoia Review

January 2015

The Shifting Poles – The Chaffey Review (Volume XII)

Spirit Animal – The Screech Owl

Phase Shift to the One Point – Dissident Voice


Pipe Dream Version 2.0 – Dissident Voice

Crushing the Camel – Dissident Voice

Happy Holy Days or a Little American Cheer from an Otherwise Incorrigible Grinch – Dead Snakes

Fluffy Fever Dream Symphony – Dissident Voice

The Medical Industrial Death Machine – Daily Anarchist

What Comes Down Must Rise Again – Dissident Voice

Daydreaming Dystopia – Dissident Voice

Enter the Shift – Veracity Voice

Tri-Polar Homeostasis – Dissident Voice

Riding the Waves – Dissident Voice

Five Aces – Veracity Voice

The Apocalyptic Renaissance – Daily Anarchist

Silver Neon Thunder Phoenix – Dissident Voice

A Blink in the Night – Dissident Voice

With the Whip – Dissident Voice

High Water Mark – Dissident Voice

Call It Like I See It – Dissident Voice

The Opening Salvo – Dissident Voice

Zero Point – Dissident Voice

Dire State of Affairs – Daily Anarchist

Fair and Final Warning – Daily Anarchist

Golden Soul – Dissident Voice

Fundamentally Flawed Federal Fleece – Strike-the-Root

Piercing the Status Quo – Daily Anarchist

Push Any Button, Pull Any Lever – Daily Anarchist

The Shifting Paradigm – Daily Anarchist


A Dot – The Oracular Tree


Mighty Is Change – The Oracular Tree

Solstice Questions – The Oracular Tree

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