Poems (2022)

May 2022

Happy Little Tricks – The Piker Press

Governor – Dissident Voice

Rarity – Dissident Voice

2022 Western Voices Edition (guest editor) – Setu Mag

Attuned to the Moon – Dissident Voice

Numa (by Mihaela Melnic) – The Piker Press

Rabbit Totem Ginger – Dissident Voice

April 2022

41-Hoot Salute – The Piker Press

Truth – Dissident Voice

Serenade of Sirens – Dissident Voice

Cock-A-Doodle-Do – International Times

Surge Past the Static – Dissident Voice

This Will All Make More Sense Four Years Hence – ILA Magazine

Alkalizing Spirit – Spillwords Press

Shifting the Cycle – International Times

Nearly Forgotten and/or Passed Over – Dissident Voice

March 2022

Whirling Prana – GloMag

As the Script Unfolds – The Piker Press

Beyond My Sphere of Explanation – Dissident Voice

Manic Adoration – Brahmand: Voice of the Cosmos

Of Frequencies Resplendent – Brahmand: Voice of the Cosmos

Phase Shift – Brahmand: Voice of the Cosmos

Old Hat Blues – Dissident Voice

Of Preludes and Harbingers – Dissident Voice

A Lot of Good, Our Thumbs – Dissident Voice

February 2022

Calvary Called – Dissident Voice

When Form Takes Shape – Poetry Unites Anthology (print)

Violins with Falsetto – Poetry Unites Anthology (print)

Forced into Action – Dissident Voice

Sidereal Nectar – GloMag (print)

The Old Switcheroo – Dissident Voice

Jackal Blood – Dissident Voice

God, Love, Truth, and Light – Cooch Behar Anthology (print)

January 2022

Spoiled Meat – Dissident Voice

Happy Little Tricks – GloMag

Phase Shift – VerbalART Journal

Separate Island, Same Map – Pixie Dust Anthology (print)

Sweetest Halo – Pixie Dust Anthology (print)

Huffing and Puffing – Dissident Voice

41-Hoot Salute – Atunis Poetry

Janus/Brand – Atunis Poetry

Remember Who (and What) You Are – Atunis Poetry

Transcending Definitions – Nacional Gazete (Albanian Translation)

A Bite’s Exponential Loss of Swagger – Dissident Voice

Return of the Fission – Lothlorien Poetry Journal (print)

Deep Infatuation – Lothlorien Poetry Journal (print)

Saucy Salvation – Lothlorien Poetry Journal (print)


Blue Pines – Paradise on Earth Volume 2 (print) Italian Translation

Hymnal for the Sun – Paradise on Earth Volume 2 (print) Italian

Whirling Prana – Dissident Voice

Sidereal Nectar – A Too Powerful Word

X Marks the Fountain – A Too Powerful Word

A Too Powerful Word - Winter 2022 cover

Happy Little Tricks – Dissident Voice