1932 Quarterly

1947 Journal

A Long Story Short

A New Ulster

A Quiet Courage

A Too Powerful Word

Aberration Labyrinth

Abstract Magazine: Contemporary Expressions

Academy of the Heart and Mind

Adelaide Literary Magazine

Advaitam Speaks Literary

After Happy Hour Review

Agjencioni Floripress

Agony Opera

Alien Buddha Press

Angry Manifesto

Animal Heart Press

Anti-Heroin Chic

antinarrative journal


Ariel Chart

Arrowcloud Press


Ascent Aspirations

Asian Signature

Atlanta Review

Authors Press

Backlash Press


Barren Magazine

Barrio Panther

Barzakh Magazine

bear creek haiku


Belle Reve Literary Journal

Bengaluru Review

Birdsong Poets

Black & White Gets Read

Black Coffee for Breakfast

Black-Listed Magazine

Black Mirror Magazine



Blue’s Cruzio Cafe

Borderless Journal

Boston Poetry Magazine

Bottom Shelf Whiskey

Burning House Press

Burningword Literary Journal

Caesura Journal

Cajun Mutt Press

Cahaba River Literary Journal

Calliope Magazine

Carcinogenic Poetry

Card Alpha

Carousel Magazine

Cat on a Leash Review

Cavalcade of Stars

cc&d Magazine

Chris Rice Cooper Blog

Clear Poetry

Clockwise Cat


Contemporary Literary Review India

Contemporary Poets

Corner Club Press

Crab Fat Magazine

Crack the Spine

Creative Resistance

Creative Talents Unleashed

Credo Espoir

Cultured Vultures

Culture Cult

Culture Trend

Daily Anarchist

Dali’s Lovechild

Dark Matter Journal

Dead Snakes

Degenerate Literature

Degenerates: Voices for Peace

Digging through the Fat

Dime Show Review

Dink Press

Dirty Chai

Dissident Voice

Diversity of the Minds Radio Network

Dodging the Rain

Down in the Dirt Magazine

Duane’s PoeTree

Duck Lake Books

eFiction India

EKL Review


Empty Mirror



Envision Arts

Eos: The Creative Context



Eskimo Pie

Ethos Literary Journal

Eunoia Review

Event Horizon

Everest Magazine

Exercise Bowler


Expound Magazine

Extreme Writing Community 

Eye Flash Poetry

Eye on Life Magazine

Fauna Quarterly

FEKT (Fund for Cultural Education and Heritage)

Festival for Poetry

First Literary Review-East

Fish Food Magazine

Five2One Magazine



Forty-Eight Review

Friends in Poetry

Fuck Fiction

Full of Crow

Futures Trading

Geosi Reads



Gnashing Teeth Publishing

Gonzo Today

Green Panda Press


Halcyon Days

Halcyon Magazine

Harbinger Asylum

Hash n’ Pumpkins

Heliopause Magazine

Helix Magazine

Hidden Constellation 

High Coupe

Hobo Camp Review

Horror Sleaze Trash

ILA Magazine

Illya’s Honey

Immagine & Poesia

Impspired Magazine

Indefinite Space

Independent Variable

Indiana Voice Journal

Indian Periodical

Infernal Ink Magazine

Inigo Online

Ink in Thirds

International Poetry 

International Times

Into The Void Magazine

Inwood Indiana

Jellyfish Whispers

Jotters United


Kind of A Hurricane Press

KNOT Magazine

Lady Chaos Press

Least Bittern Books

Leaves of Ink

Literary Orphans Journal

Literary Yard

Little Eagle’s RE / VERSE

Little Voice Leaping

Live Encounters

Longsword Press

Loose Change Magazine

Lothlorien Poetry Journal

Lunaris Review

Lunar Lit Poetry Page

Lummox Press

Luz Cultural

Madness Muse Magazine

Madness Muse Press

Mad Swirl

Mahatma Guru Magazine

Maverick Duck Press

Medusa’s Kitchen

Merak Magazine

Midnight Lane Boutique

Mojave He[art] Review

Morpheus Magazine

Muddy River Poetry Review

Mused – the BellaOnline Literary Review 

Napalm and Novocain

Narrow Road

Nats Writings

Nazar Look

New Ink Review

New Mystics

NightBallet Press

Night Forest Journal


Notes From the Edge

Nothing. No One. Nowhere.


Oddball Magazine


One Trick Pony Review

On Possibility: Poems and Poetry

Open Arts Forum

Our Poetry Archive

Outsider Poetry



Paradigm Shift Magazine

Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine

Phenomenal Literature

Picaroon Poetry

Pink Litter

Pittsburgh Poetry Houses

Poemify Magazine

Poems and Poetry


Poems on the Edge

Poetic Diversity

Poetry Leaves

Poetry Life & Times

Poetry of Moon

Poetry Pacific

Poetry Paraphernalia 

Poetry Poetics Pleasure

Poetry Quarterly

Poetry Super Highway

Poets International


Potato Soup Journal

Pound of Flash

Prachya Review

Praxis Magazine

Profiles in Poetry


Pure Slush



Quail Bell Magazine


Rasputin: A Poetry Thread

Rattlesnake Press


Ray of Thought

Realistic Poetry


Red Ferret Press

Red River Review

Revolution John

River Boat Books

River Sandha Review

Rocket Boy Poetry Page

Rust Belt Press

Rusted Rose Poetry Forum

Saudade Magazine

Scarlet Leaf Review

Scars Publications

Section 8 Magazine

Sentinel Literary Quarterly

Setu Mag

Seven Stories Theatre Company

Shahitto Barta

Sick Lit Magazine



Slink Chunk Press

Snapping Twig

Social Justice Poetry

Songs of Selah

Songsoptok Quarterly

Sonic Boom


Southern Fried Karma

SpinRock Reader Lit

Spirit Fire Review

Stanzaic Stylings

Stay Weird and Keep Writing

Stepping Stones Magazine

Stout City

Straight Forward Poetry

Straylight Magazine

Street Light Press


Struggle Magazine

Sunflower Sutras

Synchronized Chaos

Synesthesia Literary Journal

Syzygy Poetry

Talk With ME

Talon Review

Tangerine Heart Poetry Zine

TechTouch Talk

The 13 Alphabet Magazine

The Beautiful Space

The Bees Are Dead

The BeZine

The Bitchin’ Kitsch

The Blue Mountain Review

The Bond Street Review

The Bhubaneswar Review

The Camel Saloon

The Chaffey Review

The Collidescope

The Commonline Journal

The Creative Truth

The Creativity Webzine

The Daily Poet Site

The Dope Fiend Daily

The Electronic Pamphlet

The Elixir Magazine

The Fanzine

The Fat Damsel

The First Line

The Galway Review

The Gambler Mag

The Haunted Traveler

The Kitchen Poet

The Kolkata Review

The Literary Nest

The Luxembourg Review

The Mariner

The Metaworker

The Mind[less] Muse

The Mystic Nebula

The Open Mouse

The Oracular Tree

The Pangolin Review

The Peregrine Muse

The Peregrine Muse II

The Piker Press

The Poeming Pigeon 

The Poet Community

The Poetry Box

The Poet’s Haven

The Quiver Review

The Rye Whiskey Review

The Screech Owl

The Seventh Quarry

The Song is…

The Southern Collective Experience

The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review

The Stare’s Nest

The Station

The Stray Branch

The Thumb Print

The Tower Journal

The Ugly Writers

The Voices Project

The Wagon Magazine

The Word Ocean

The World of Myth Magazine

The Writer’s Monthly Review Magazine

The Writer’s Newsletter

The Writer’s Space

Thirteen Myna Birds

Thirty West Publishing House

Three Drops from a Cauldron

Three Line Poetry

Tigershark Publishing

Tiny Spoon Lit Mag

Torrid Literature Journal

Transcendent Zero Press

TreeHouse Arts

Tuck Magazine

UFO Gigolo

Unbroken Journal

Underground Books

Under the Bleachers

Uut Poetry


Venus in Scorpio

Veracity Voice



Vienna Salam

Vine Figure Poetry Page

Viral Cat

Virgogray Press

Visceral Uterus

Visual Verse

Void Press

Walking Is Still Honest

Weasel Press



White Blossom Journal

Wilderness House Literary Review


Wizards of Words

Word Dish

Words Surfacing

World Poetry Open Mic

Writing Knights Press


Written Rock


Yellow Chair Review


Your One Phone Call

Z Publishing House

Zaira Journal

Zombie Logic Press

Zombie Logic Review

Zoomoozophone Review

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