May 2019

Palace Bunker (A Brief Sketch) – Setu Mag

And Then There Was Sound (God’s Opera) – Alien Buddha Press (print)

Psalms of the Alien Buddha

December 2018

Thin Air – Potato Soup Journal

May 2018

Reproducing the Agony – Tales from the Alien Buddha Volume 2 (print)

February 2018

God’s Opera – Dynami Zois anthology from Virasat Art Productions (print)

Dynami Zois cover

Wild Nazi Pig-Fuckers – Tales from the Alien Buddha Volume 1 (print)

July 2016

What Wonders to Behold – Visual Verse

March 2016

And Then There Was Sound – Indiana Voice Journal

July 2015

And Then There Was Sound – Revolution John (Highlander Award Finalist)

May 2015

Reproducing the Agony – Crab Fat Magazine

Stealing Roses from a Grave – The Haunted Traveler (print)

April 2015

Doctor, Doctor – Crack the Spine

March 2015

Stoking the Fire – The First Line (print)

February 2015

Mirage – Dissident Voice


The Disappearing Soul – Fuck Fiction

Happy Holy Days or a Little American Cheer From an Otherwise Incorrigible Grinch – Dissident Voice

A Moderate Discipline – Fuck Fiction

Shedding Ignorance – Strike-the-Root

A Grave Song – Dissident Voice

An End to Ignorance – Dissident Voice

On Courage – Dissident Voice

A Testament on the Human Spirit – Dissident Voice

On Filtration and Purification – Dissident Voice

All In Its Place – Dissident Voice

Filthy Festering Fucks – The Fanzine


And Then There Was Sound – Loose Change Magazine

On (Broadcasting) Air – Ascent Aspirations


Purifier – Ascent Aspirations

Raciststein – Struggle Magazine (print)


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