Songs of Selah: Kevin Martin and Open Mic Hour

On this week’s episode of Songs of Selah I was joined by Kevin Martin to discuss his new book from Alien Buddha Press.   

Thank you also to Heath Brougher, Mela Blust, Veronica Javregii, and Mari Deweese for joining the program during the second hour to read selections of their poetry.

The show originally aired on February 18, 2019. An archive is now available and can be listened to here on 17Numa Radio:

The Wolfman Kevin Martin is a photographer and poet from North Carolina now residing in Pittsburgh, PA. Contributing images and poetry to: The Arrival Magazine, The Rye Whiskey Review, The Dope Fiend Daily, Under The Bleachers, Cajun Mutt Press, Alien Buddha Press, The Pangolin Review and Rust Belt Press. The Wolf’s first poetry collection My Head Fits Through Your Noose, Let Me Swing Awhile is published through Alien Buddha Press and was released in January 2019.

Copies of My Head Fits Through Your Noose, Let Me Swing Awhile are available here:

Kevin Martin 1

Pulsing Tide by Scott Thomas Outlar

Thank you to Bob McCranie for including my poem “Pulsing Tide” in the February issue of Red River Review…

Red River Review

Three birds triangulate the sky
as the sun
a perfect
through the

I am made whole
in this moment
and the next

by the warmth
of your breath
on my neck

One sigh annihilates all stress
as the moon
its tired
for the

I am adrift
on a raft
out at sea

and your lips
form the waves

Seven tress bow their branches overhead
as their leaves
calling toward
for another

I am buried
beneath the blankets
of your calm

within a shelter
that gently whispers
where I belong

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Songs of Selah: Beth Hermes

On the latest episode of Songs of Selah I had the pleasure of speaking with Georgia author, Beth Hermes. Her interview can be listened to here.

A graduate of Auburn University’s School of Journalism, Beth Hermes has been a professional writer for more than 30 years, with articles published in numerous magazines, newspapers and online publications. As a Freelance Writer, she has created award-winning marketing campaigns for individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Since 2009, Beth has shared her gift of storytelling as a Writing Coach, teaching creative writing classes and business writing workshops. She encourages her creative writers to share their work through critique workshops and the publication of an Anthology, consisting entirely of short stories and poems written by her students. Her business writing workshops focus on developing clear messages to enhance personal and business success. Her instruction also includes journaling and strengthening the creative muscle.

Beth is the Author of a spiritual-fantasy fiction series called The Lightbearers. She is currently at work on the seventh book in the projected 11-book series, and is working on a memoir and a collection of prompts and ideas from her numerous writing workshops and classes.

In 2017, Beth and her husband, Craig, fulfilled a lifelong dream to own a farm. They live with their college-student son, Benjamin, her horse, a rescue dog, a cat, a rabbit, and a few dozen chickens. Their daughter, Abigail, is a professional artist and art instructor.

Beth Hermes - 1-page-001

Some Poems Are More Serious Than Others/ABP Anthology

alien buddha press - got high anthology

I’m thankful that three of my poems were included in the recent “This One Time The Alien Buddha Got So High…” anthology released through Alien Buddha Press. It’s a compilation of work that doesn’t necessarily travel straight along the stoner path that one might assume based on the title alone. In fact, selections from each writer touch on the subject matter from any number of angles. 

As the publisher/editor, Red Focks, addresses in this excerpt from the anthology’s introduction:

“Drugs can be pretty glorious without outside help. They can spark art, and laughter, and ingenious ideas that forever change life as we know it; but they can also spark emptiness, and misery, and a level of self-loathing that will send the strongest of people into the filthiest of gutters in no time. This anthology features writers who will share their unfiltered takes on that devious tango we call ‘getting high’.”

“Some Poems Are More Serious Than Others” is one of the more personal poems I’ve had published to this point. It was written in late 2014, six months after my father passed away, and I didn’t even consider submitting it for another four years after that. I’m glad it finally found an appropriate home in the ABP anthology.

I had an opportunity to read it for the first time at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia last night. It is posted here on my YouTube channel. Thank you for listening, my friends.


Copies of the anthology are available here:

Event Horizon Magazine/YouTube Channel

I’m thankful to have three poems included in the latest issue of Event Horizon Magazine published by Lanning Russell. All three pieces are excerpts from my forthcoming book, Of Sand and Sugar (Cyberwit, 2019).

Copies of Event Horizon Magazine issue 7 are available here on Lulu:

event horizon issue 7 cover

I’m looking forward to attending the monthly poetry event at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in Sandy Springs, Georgia this evening. 

Videos of recent featured performances at events around the Atlanta area can be found on my YouTube channel via the link below. Thank you for subscribing and helping to spread the word. Cheers!

CultureCult Magazine/A Novel Idea Reading

My poems “Swimming in the Blood and Water of Mars” and “Conquistadors” appear in the latest print issue of CultureCult Magazine published out of Kolkata, India.

culture cult magazine issue 10 cover

I had a great time reading a selection of poems and talking about the theme of romance at A Novel Idea in Dunwoody, Georgia recently. My performance can be found here on YouTube…

CultureCult Magazine issue 10 poems