Songs of Selah #159

The latest episode of Songs of Selah marked the three-year anniversary of when the show launched back in 2018. What a ride it has been so far! Thank you to Ronda Miller for joining the program this week to speak about her poetry, the literary scene in Kansas, and upcoming events she’ll be presenting at. She also gave some great advice about the art of healing from trauma.

Episode #159 of Songs of Selah can be listened to here…

I want to give a big thank you to all the amazing poets, novelists, artists, actors, musicians, and health advocates who have appeared on the show so far. I’ve had the opportunity to interview well over 100 guests on Songs of Selah, and it’s helped me realize how everyone in the world has such a unique and interesting story to share. That’s what the show has always been geared toward. Providing a venue where anyone interested can come on and let loose with their song about life, their passions, their individual stamp and signature, and hopefully inspire listeners (and myself) while in the process.

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