Italian Translations and Multiplied Reciprocity

I’m thrilled that two of my poems have been translated into Italian and published in the August issue of Rivista Noiqui. Big thank you to Mihaela Melnic for translating my work. One of the pieces is an excerpt from our new collaborative book, Evermore. Thank you, as well, to Luciano Zampini for including the poems in his venue. “Thousands Upon Thousands” and “Fault Lines” can be read here…

And all your days are numbered, the same as mine; but neither of ours shall be as short as theirs. Because karma loves the truth as much as God.

And woe be to those who would lead the flock astray, for the wool they pull over others’ eyes shall be multiplied in their own reciprocity of darkness.

And if you pick one or one thousand ripened figs in the heat of summer, know that the sugar stored within your cells will serve as energy for growth during the shift of autumn.

And fanatical fascists may flap their tyrannical traps for all their hours upon the earth, but it is surely a sign that reveals the tale of their own weakness; for those who run their mouth with the spew of authoritarianism concede the fact that they lack self-control and are forever lost to fits of chaos.

Copies of Evermore are available here…

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