Shining True

Bacchanalian Sundown with S’mores
The only person that some people
will lie to in life is themselves.
Even this
is bound to catch up sometimes.
Others are far more indiscriminate
with the way in which they spread their wicked wares.
But such as these
are easy to see
from three thousand miles away
with ten thousand rays of light
shining bright, shining hard, shining true.
They always catch themselves on fire
in the end,
and some of us
love to watch
a good flame burn.
So let us laugh
and dance
with wine
and marshmallows.
So let us sing
and weep
with tears
of honest joy.

As March grinds to a halt and April shifts into gear, I only want to say how much I care. So let us be at peace. And let us rise again with the flames. It never gets old. Selah

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