Some Risks Are Well Worth Taking

Bored with the Games of Chance
When we all
lay our wars
upon the table,
we’re sure to see
red carnage
soon spilleth over.
So if you must
consider me a child
with a bad temper
who likes to smash the board
when games are rigged.
Monopoly and Risk
both leave us bankrupt
in the end;
now please excuse me
from this theater of terror
while I collect my dice
to go roll
through greener pastures.
The only bet
I’d ever feel safe
doubling down on
is that salvation
will soothe your soul
after your mind
allows grace to grow.

Stoked that my poem “The Goddess and Dostoyevsky” was posted recently at The Poet’s Haven. This piece is an excerpt from my full-length poetry collection, Happy Hour Hallelujah. Anyone who might be interested in picking up a copy of the book can do so here on my author’s page at the CTU Publishing website.
Thank you to everyone who visits 17Numa and supports my work. Sending well-wishes out to all my friends, family, and those I’ve yet to meet but one day will. 

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