March Recap … Setting Forth

I mustn’t be held responsible for the poems that leak from my pen. They just are. It just is. It’s all in good fun, even the bits about chaos and revolution.
I does not necessarily refer to me. That’s part of the point of being an artist for fuck’s sake.
In the moment you stop taking everything so seriously, you realize just how truly important everything really is.
Looking Down
I’d like to thank all the editors associated with these 17 venues for accepting and/or publishing my work in March:
Dissident Voice, ELSiEiSY, Medusa’s Kitchen, CTU Publishing, Piker Press, Visual Verse, Leaves of Ink, Dime Show Review, Episteme, GloMag, Tuck Magazine, Communicators League, Duane’s PoeTree, Nat’s Writings, Inigo Online, Into the Void Magazine, and Our Poetry Archive.
Audio from my set at the Visions of Verse event that was hosted by The Southern Collective Experience in March can be heard here on SoundCloud. That was one of the major highlights of the month, though I’ve been smiling an awful lot lately, which helps one good day run right into the next.
April is a time of expansion. Forward movement toward the ripened fruits of spring. There are beautiful things afoot. I wish everyone a happy, healthy, inspired, bountiful month ahead! Selah

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