February Recap (deux)

I’d like to thank all the editors associated with these twenty-two venues for accepting and/or publishing my poetry, interviews, and reviews during February:
Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine; Dodging the Rain; Indiana Voice Journal; GloMag; Dissident Voice; FishFood Magazine; Cocktailmolly; Whispers; Horror Sleaze Trash; Webfootedness; ELSiEiSY; Piker Press; Don Beukes’ website; Visual Verse; The Electronic Pamphlet; The Blue Mountain Review; Leaves of Ink; The Poet’s Haven; The Writer’s Space; Novelmasters; Walking Is Still Honest Press; and Medusa’s Kitchen.


(Photo credit: Mechelle Wilson Ballew)

New videos are up now on The Southern Collective Experience YouTube channel of the poems I read at the Visions of Verse gathering in Jasper, Georgia and the Collective Sessions open mic at Good Acting Studio in Marietta, Georgia. Both events were a pleasure to be a part of. It’s a true blessing to be in the company of talented poets all performing our work with purpose and passion, and there are infinitely positive experiences on the way regarding future shows, tours, and concerts, both on this world and maybe Mars (depending upon the accessibility of life extension technologies in the rush toward zero-point graduation). I hope to continue reading alongside new friends from near and far for the rest of my days, and I expect I’ll also take some time alone to write once in a while. That seems to be the balance that keeps my smile on the level.

Visions of Verse:
Collective Sessions:

I’d also like to thank Shirani Rajpakse for the interesting set of questions she came up with for me to tackle in this new interview that was published at The Writer’s Space just as February was winding down. I had an enjoyable evening last week pouring my energy into the answers.

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