February Recap (Interview Edition)

The first two months of 2017 went wonderfully well where my own work is concerned, but I’d like to take a moment now and shine some light on all the poets and artists who were kind enough to grant some of their time during January and February to let me interview them for various publications. Cheers and thank you to everyone who allowed me to toss some questions their way! I encourage anyone reading this to take a moment and check out some of the links below…

Showcase Spotlight #5 at 17Numa features Heath Brougher:

Showcase Spotlight #6 at 17Numa features Don Beukes:

A post at Novelmasters features Charity Janisse:

The new winter issue of The Blue Mountain Review features Fabrice Poussin:

The following fine folks have appeared recently in the Walking Is Still Honest Press interview series:

Sheikha A.:

Ryan Quinn Flanagan:

Ananya S Guha:

Damian Rucci:

I’d also like to thank a couple of editors who gave me the opportunity to run my mouth a bit in interviews during February.

Sam Rose at Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine:

Shirani Rajapakse at her site, The Writer’s Space:

There’s no slowing down at this point! The months ahead are lined up with great poets such as Clifford Brooks III, Alan Britt, Chani Zwibel, Matt Borczon, Neil Slevin, and many more.

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