Author Scott Thomas Outlar: Detoxification

Thank you to Raja Williams for posting this excerpt from Happy Hour Hallelujah at the CTU Publishing site. “Detoxification” was nominated for the 2016 Pushcart Prize. If you enjoy the poem, please consider picking up a copy of the book…

Raja's Insight

Chaos enters the spaces of stagnation,

not to obliterate,

but to break down what is not working

so the inherent pattern of order

can emerge in a new light,

and the holy path of inward peace

can once again be seen clearly.

The choice to destroy

is not necessarily negative

but sometimes absolutely necessary

as a way to tear away

at a dilapidated structure

so a more solid foundation

can be established

upon which to build

a temple of health, happiness, and love.

Life is not always easy,

but the trials and tribulations

are inherent in the process of progression

as a way to push evolution forward,

and the challenges that naturally arise

are a Godsend of grace

presented to teach the lesson

that we are creatures of adaptation and survival.

© Scott Thomas Outlar

Happy Hour Hallelujah front cover draft

Excerpt from the book

“Happy Hour Hallelujah”

Seated (Visions of Verse)About the Author

Scott Thomas Outlar resides in…

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