Reflections on the New Age (Entering Atlantis Version 2.0)

A small (yet ever-increasing) number of people are deeply informed about the complex geopolitical conditions of the modern world. Though never perfect, their ideological leanings are at least based on solid research and logical analysis of the facts. They are blessed with a moral compass through which their agenda in life unfolds. Engaging with them in conversation is somewhat like dancing merrily through paradise hand in hand with enlightened angels. They also tend to smell nice.

Meanwhile, vast swaths of people have completely lost their sense of intuition and instinct. Such as these are like unto cult members who spew every opinion out of their mouth as if they are nothing more than gibbering parrots, having absolutely no clue how to discern between reality and propaganda. These people should be observed with piqued curiosity; however, such research should always be conducted from a safe distance. These drooling automatons are victims of the very institutions which they loyally serve, it is true, but their hysterics can prove to be dangerous when experienced in close quarters.

Don’t be a rube. It is not sexy. It is not cool.

Don’t be a mark. Your nihilistic death urge is no longer trendy and cute.

Don’t be a fool. Being able to engage in blind obedience to the systems that oppress you is not a skill to brag about on your resume. The world is evolving all around us, quickly. Learn to stand up straight and walk tall or you’re going to get trampled underfoot. Learn to surf atop the wave or you’ll wind up drinking the tide.

On a completely unrelated note (though once you’ve experienced the high symphony of synchronicity sweeping through your soul, it’s difficult to claim that all events in life aren’t quantumly connected to some degree), my book Chaos Songs is now available on Amazon through Weasel Press. Please consider picking up a copy here.


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