Code of Conduct

If you’re going to fight a war, make sure you win it quickly. Especially if you are in a favorable position of strength. Anything less means you are toying with your victim like a terrorist bully. See: a doomed and decadent empire dropping tens of thousands of bombs across the world every year, but never seriously considering how to bring an end to the chaos.
Don’t be a warmonger. Don’t be a chicken shit.
War is justified in certain (circumstantial) conditions. There is such a thing as moral superiority.
We came here not to punch you in the nose, but to bury you underfoot.
We stand here now not to sign new contracts, but to enforce those that have already been broken.
Psychological warfare is good as far as it goes…
A slap in the face can also serve a purpose.
Poignant precision is all we have left. We cannot help but to defeat you, destroy you, ruin you, return you to that fire from whence you came.
I say unto thee: Let it burn.
Figuratively speaking, of course.
On that note, it’s off with their heads as well.

Songs of a Dissident Front

Songs of a Dissident is available here on Amazon.

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