Seeing Red

Is it possible to fully dedicate one’s life to the light of God’s infinite love while also remaining in a state of drunken, orgiastic revelry provided from a chalice filled with the tears of one’s enemies? I’d like to believe such a feat is possible. By the time my bones have withered back to the primordial condition of dust and ash, I hope that the dualistic nature of my consciousness will have served to prove the theory true.
Embrace that which is good, decent, moral, honest, and holy with a frenzied passion; and hate that which is imbued with the putrid stench of evil with an equal fervor. That’s one hell of a mantra toward which to set one’s inner compass. Quite honestly, I haven’t been living up to this ideal over the past two years. I caught myself having too much fun with the game of publishing poetry here and there. I forgot about the absolute necessity to remain ever-vigilant in the righteous pursuit of sacred war. I forgot about the score in my soul that will never be subdued until it has been officially settled.
To hell with the control freaks. To hell with the social engineers. To hell with the practitioners of divide and conquer tactics. To hell with the authoritarian parasites. I’ve always said that the only types of bugs that can be smashed while still retaining a clear conscience are mosquitoes, leeches, and ticks.
To hell with the vampires whose fangs seek the neckline of true individuals who wish only to live in a state of sovereignty, liberty, freedom, and peace. To hell with the wolves dressed up in sheep’s clothing who speak with forked tongues and lie like devils in the night.
To hell with those forces that spread wicked propaganda across crony, corporate airwaves. To hell with the fools. To hell with the rubes. To hell with the marks. To hell with the zombies who have sold their souls to march in lockstep with the Beast System. To hell with those whose minds have been melted by the false promise of a Utopian Valhalla. To hell with the ideology of forced collectivism. To hell with the fascists who have never once looked themselves in the mirror and seen the reflection of their own shadow.
To hell with the cults of religion and politics. To hell with the cowards. To hell with the thieves. To hell with the demons that pretend to be angels. To hell with the dark occult. To hell with those who hurt the innocence of children. To hell with those who fund violence in the streets across this world. To hell with those who profit from war. To hell with those who rig the financial markets. To hell with those who seek centrally controlled apparatuses of power. To hell with hierarchies enforced by the gun. To hell … to burn … eternally.
I swore to God a revolution was coming. I swore to God a restoration was near at hand. I swore to God the renaissance was on its way. Whistling Dixie has never been my style. I swear to God that what I swore is still in store. The work has only just begun. Keep moving toward evolution. The future remains full of revelations. Welcome to the New Age. Atlantis 2.0 is sure to rise.

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