Anarchic Revelations

Chaos Songs Front Cover

My latest book of poetry, Chaos Songs, is available now from Weasel Press. For every copy sold, a dark wave of anarchic revelation is born unto the world. Also, every copy sold helps sponsor my addiction to creation. Put money in my veins and words will bleed out. The more you feed me, the more ravenous I become. The final feast will satiate your every desire in the end. Copies are available here. 

Synchronization is a word precious to my heart. The way the stars align in life. The path my soul travels along.
Sometimes I wander and wonder. Sometimes I’m focused and straight on-point.
Take me to your leader. I’d like to have some words.
Down in the mud, slinging. It’s so wretched; y’all are fools.
This is not the birth place of a rube. There is no gold, nor silver, that can persuade me from pursuits of truth.
I didn’t come to earth to piss around and joke about. I came to teach about the ways in which infernos burn.
Welcome to the symphony of silence. The sounds you hear are letters typed into the fracture of your mind. Gobble-gobble, double-double, time for trouble; you will toil upon the spells cast from the shadow of your own karma.
There are only so many final warnings that can be given. Exactly one. It came long ago. Prepare for the consequence of your own decisions.
Pity is for weak men. Empathy is for balance. Revenge is for evolution.


Five of my poems are included in issue 16 of BlazeVOX which was released this week.

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