Tingling toward Absolution

A Promise to Be Gentle
It’s not trendy –
I know –
to speak about
good and evil
in this morally relativistic culture
but that’s cool…
I like to do it anyway
It’s not hip –
I dig,
I get ya,
I got ya,
no worries –
to cast spells
of karmic retribution
in this materialistic paradise gone awry
it’s all cool…
I’ll only cast a few

In life, events happen. Some are sweet. Some cause suffering. So it goes. I’ve never met a fellow human being who hasn’t been knocked down at least a few dozen times. What separates the wheat from the chaff is determined by who immediately pops back up to their feet after each fall and starts making a beeline toward the goal.
Get on your horse. The Revolution has just begun.
I fully understand that we’re already a week and a half into the new month of November, and so doing a recap of October might seem a bit strange. So what? Better late than never. Unless the results in the end come up snake eyes; in that case, never would have sufficed. But this information is straight dope. So light up. Come get high with me.
Thank you to the editors at these 17 publications for accepting and/or publishing my work last month:
Dissident Voice; Whispers; Dime Show Review; GloMag; bear creek haiku; Shemom; The Bees Are Dead; CTU Publishing; Agjencioni Floripress; Spirit Fire Review; International Times; Culture Cult Magazine; Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine; FishFood Magazine; Praxis Magazine; World Poetry Open Mic; and BlazeVox.
Happy Hour Hallelujah front cover draft
My book Happy Hour Hallelujah is available now through CTU Publishing. If you dig my work, I would highly recommend ordering a copy here. It’s not going to save your soul or anything drastic like that, but it might just send a tingle up your spine a time or two.

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