Restoration unto Renaissance

I have a huge ego.
I’m also severely humble.
I have a big fat smile to shine.
I’m also the shadow never seen.
This is the Apocalypse.
I don’t think that means what you’ve been taught.
This is the Renaissance.
I know you feel it in the marrow of your bones.

The election has ended. The restoration of the Republic, however, has only just begun. The empire of the entrenched establishment has been punched right in the nose … that isn’t going to make them very happy. The corporate media whores aren’t going to start spouting the truth all of a sudden. The central banks aren’t going to just shrug their shoulders and hand the currency back over. The power hungry parasites in the federal government aren’t going to lay down and roll over. Wickedness never rests. To fully defeat evil, eternal vigilance is the only option.
Songs of a Dissident was published through Transcendent Zero Press last December. Pick up a copy here on Amazon. The opening poem will continue to make more sense as time moves on.
My poem “Embers into Ash” appears in the debut issue of Dime Show Review.

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