Truth – Scott Thomas Outlar

Many thanks to Raja Williams for featuring my poem “Truth” at Creative Talents Unleashed recently…

Raja's Insight

Truth is an underbelly
that not many people
ever want to look at.
It sounds good in the abstract –
people always seem to clamor for it,
to demand that they be given it
from those on high.
But when the rubber meets the road,
that is to say,
when the shit hits the fan,
there just aren’t a whole lot
of people brave enough, willing enough, or
intelligent enough, to face it, to
deal with it in all its Awesomeness.
The truth hurts, and that’s the truth.
Most people would rather have
the little white lie
that helps them fall asleep at night,
telling them everything is alright,
rather than acknowledge the truth
of the matter, which is that
everything is not alright.
War is the truth.
Famine is the truth.
Poverty is the truth.
Death is the truth.
But people want to live forever,
so they hide from…

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