Christmas 2015

I don’t know if I’m cut out
to be a poet any longer
because I don’t know
if I have the heart to care
A basic apathy
can ruin empathy
and then I’ll write
just about anything
to get a rise
or burn a hole
to the pyre’s core
I’ll do
just about
any damned thing
to catch the light
from the sun
when it starts to scream
at the height
of its Solstice

For the record, the first stanza is written in jest, but the second and third are fairly accurate.
Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. I wish the best for everyone that is putting effort toward doing good things in this world. For everyone else, I still wish them well, but not in an overly successful manner that might cause them to interfere with what the good people are doing. That’s about as diplomatic as I can be when it comes to war.
Cheers to a lit 2016 that keeps adding fuel to the fire…
Scott Thomas Outlar

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