Movable Object

Courage is being able to face the truth
even while knowing it will destroy you
Strength is being able to take the next step
and create anew

Six of my poems appeared this past week in four publications. Links to the work can be found here:

From Whence It Came – Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review

Inheriting the Earth – Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review

Open for Business – Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review

Salve – Leaves of Ink

The Camel’s Back – Straight Forward Poetry

Big League Entrance (Huuuuuge) – Dissident Voice

In no way, manner, shape, size, or form am I taking a dive or phoning in this post here at 17Numa. I’m just conserving energy for the year-end extravaganza coming up soon.
I will say this:
“Songs of a Dissident” is available now on Amazon.
A vision which is acted upon appears 20/20 in hindsight from the catbird seat. Or so we’ll see…hopefully…probably…fuck the formalities…let’s just make it happen…
Scott Thomas Outlar

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