Ash to Ash

Now it’s here…
now it’s gone
Now you have it…
now you don’t
What seems so simple
is so hard to grasp
that what has been given
shall be taken away
A life
A love
A breath
A hope
A dream
A touch
Be true, be gentle, be merry…
for tomorrow we die
Be here, be now, be present…
for the winds doth blow
– This poem originally appeared last month at the Dissident Voice Sunday Poetry Page where I’ve been a weekly contributor for over a year now. You can read more of my poetry from DV, including the piece from this week, at this archive.

Cheers to Ben John Smith at Horror Sleaze & Trash for accepting my poem “Last Dance” recently which will be appearing at his awesome site sometime in the not too distant future. I’ve had work published there a couple times in the past…and the material definitely fit the name of the site on both occasions. You can follow the link above to the site’s homepage where you’ll find some strong poetry by the great Amber Decker which came out a couple of days ago.
Thank you to R.L. Black for accepting two poems of mine for future issues of Unbroken Journal, one of which will be included in the upcoming January/February issue, and the other which will appear later in the March/April edition.
Thank you, also, to Weasel Patterson and Emily Ramser at Weasel Press for accepting two poems recently. “Canceled Check” will be included in the next print issue of Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones, and “Lit Sky” will be appearing at the website. I’m always especially stoked to be published in anything put out through Weasel Press…good people there who publish really solid journals and anthologies.
There have been a few other acceptances as well as six published poems that have appeared in different venues so far this week. I’ll try and get another post up soon to give proper acknowledgements to all the editors. But, for now, I’ll mention one more in this particular post. My poem “Rush Hour” which originally appeared earlier this year in Indiana Voice Journal was published in issue 7 of Come and Take It Zine by Stout City. Many thanks to the editor Tim Oi for including my work amongst the likes of PW Covington, Kushal Poddar, Catfish McDaris, and many other cool poets.
As always, the biggest thank you goes out to those who read and support my work here at 17Numa. Feel free to drop by anytime and say hello. If you really dig my stuff you can always follow the blog to stay up to date that way. You can also get in contact with me on Facebook and Twitter. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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