Beyond Comprehension

Love is a spasmodic explosion
Love is a tidal wave of passion
Love is a womb bursting open
Love is a scream across the void
Love is an aching in the bones
Love is a fire deep in the marrow
Love is an agony without satiation
Love is the electric pulse of skin friction
Love is the tip of the tongue tasting center
Love is hot flesh pressed tightly against hot flesh
Love is a stain found between bedsheets
Love is a wild dance in the midnight hour
Love is the first sip of wine in a new day
Love is the seed shooting out its first sprout
Love is the dirt into which roots burrow
Love is the evolutionary fervor of mutating genes
Love is the unstoppable swarm of progressive adaptation
Love is a widow weeping in despair
Love is the sorrow of existential desolation
Love is the pain of seeking perfection
Love is trying again when rejection strikes
Love is the thunderclap of gods in the sky
Love is the rumbling storm of righteousness
Love is a fat wad of cash filling up pockets
Love is a space of shelter in the midst of chaos
Love is the entropy that wails and gnashes
Love is a tooth being cut on hardships
Love is getting back up after failure
Love is the new dawn rising above far horizon
Love is a truth that cannot be rationalized
Love is a force beyond all comprehension
Love is justified violence against atrocity
Love is blood, sweat, sex, cum, and tears
Love is war, baby…
Come and get some –

My weekly piece at Dissident Voice went up recently on the Sunday Poetry Page. Many thanks, as always, to the awesome editor, Angie Tibbs. It’s been raining now for twelve straight days, which is, to say the least, an out of the ordinary occurrence. “Tricks of the Trade” was written on the front porch some days ago during one such stage of the downpour.
I received an honorable mention in the prompt contest at Three Line Thursday this past week. Many thanks to the Year Two: Week Six judges for thinking kindly of my work.
Cheers to JD DeHart for using my short, simple, uncharacteristically sweet poem “Sunshine Song” at Lunar Lit Poetry Page a few days ago.
Thank you to everyone who swings by 17Numa to see what the recent happenings are. Please always feel free to hit me up on Facebook and Twitter.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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