The Perfect Dose

Face down on the rug
with a head full of pills…
hard to believe
one could feel so high
while lying so close to the floor.
First glimpses into the vastness
of synchronicity’s scope
on that August night in 2003
while listening to “The Nurse Who Loved Me”
off A Perfect Circle’s “Thirteenth Step”
for the first time
and hearing the lyrics,
“Say hello to the rug’s topography,”
while already actually doing such a thing.
Talk about having one’s mind blown…
and the song itself
was also about pills,
while the theme of the album was addiction.
Like, whoa, man, whoa, far out…
it all makes perfect sense
in little doses
here and there.
Years later I gave that favorite rug
to my best friend
as a gift during another Summer season
slammed full of synchronicities,
which also happened to include
more pills
than most people could ever live to tell about.
The synchronicities have been coming in heavy waves the past few days, which I always take as a good sign. Some comments from a friend on Facebook yesterday concerning the A Perfect Circle music video that I’d posted on Sunday led to my writing this poem out on the front porch during my afternoon session (chunk of a chocolate espresso bar, first cigarette of the day, ink, and notebook). I also had some amazing dreams the night before where I was flying all over the damn place…another omen I always view as being “highly” fortuitous. The kundalini energy is surging strong, it would seem. Whenever such is the case, I simply open up and let the energy take me where it will. Some of the things I’ve seen and experienced during different phases of my life are beyond explainable…so I won’t even try. For instance, The Message I Just Received from another FB friend that happens to deal with synchronicity right while I was typing that last sentence. Let’s just put it this way…Everything in Life Is Really Big…

Thank you to Caleb Puckett at Futures Trading for publishing my poem “The Camel’s Back” in the recently released issue 3.3.
Thank you, also, to Sand Pilarski of Piker Press for publishing my poem “Sitting Pretty” yesterday.
I’m always down to connect with new people, so please feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Facebook. Things are starting to get fairly interesting, to say the least. Thanks for stopping by 17Numa. Y’all come back now, ya hear?
Scott Thomas Outlar

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