Awake to the nines
bleeding through to the counterpoint
lazy leech in the veins
Three wolves howling
Three wolves warring
Three wolves go silent
in the woods
riptide to the counterpoint
Happy Hour

ch-ch-ch-changes…in the process…are rolling through…I can feel the energy shift…sometimes you either catch the wave…or you eat the tide…I just want to surf…or else I’ll starve…
It was nice to see the Chicago Cubs advance to the NLCS last night. With the winds whipping around Wrigley Field the past two days the young bombers went to work and put on a powerful display to clinch the Division Series against the Cardinals in four games and avoid having to travel back to St. Louis for a decisive game five. Rizzo launched a homerun in each home game, both on 0-2 counts off the same lefty-reliever, both in clutch situations. Schwarber with a massive shot over the new scoreboard. Bryant with a two-run shot. Soler with a three-run shot. Castro with a towering shot into the centerfield bleachers. Baez with an opposite field three-run shot. Fowler with a soaring shot straight down the right field line. Shoot, is that all? Ha! They hit six in Game three to set an all-time playoff record. Then added on three more in game four for good measure. Fairly damn impressive. I’d dare not call it bandwagon riding on my part to jump on board in the playoffs even if I spent this season working/writing instead of watching games, because I’ve seen a thousand of them through the years…so I’ve earned my bragging rights.

Thank you to the editors at Slink Chunk Press for accepting a selection of excerpts from “One Hundred Poetic Points” recently which will be appearing in a forthcoming issue. I worked on this project all the way back in 2003, and so it’s been nice to see the seeds planted at that time finally starting to sprout. Other excerpts have appeared this year in New Mystics, Indefinite Space, and experiential-experimental-literature; as well as a selection at The Mind[less] Muse for which I received a Best of the Net nomination last month.
Thank you to Firestone Feinberg at Verse-Virtual for accepting my poem “Good Clean Living” to appear in next month’s November issue. Congratulations to Laura M. Kaminski and Steve Klepetar (both regular contributors at Verse-Virtual) for their recent Pushcart Prize nominations from Expound Magazine. Congratulations, also, to another poet whose work I admire, Chumki Sharma, for being among those nominated by Expound.
Thank you to JD DeHart for publishing my poem “Ink Blot” at his site Lunar Lit Poetry Page yesterday. He edits a whole host of sites which I’ve recently added to the Links Page here at 17Numa. A page that I encourage anyone who might be looking for new journals to read or venues where they can submit their work to visit, as it has over 150 publication links listed at this point.
If you’d like to get in touch with me, please feel free to do so on Facebook and Twitter. Look forward to meeting you. Look forward to connecting. Look forward to dancing and singing into the Renaissance.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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