The Perfect Alibi

Seeking more
than a shallow
sense of depth
at the bottom
of this cup
while I sip my coffee
and stare into
the perfect void
of entropy
and absolution
Sinking within
the folds of time
slipstream through space
crash into the rhyme
of reason
made manifest
with the fluid form
of a high wave
peaking at its crest
flowing and fluxing
with the ever changing tides
as I soak in the silence
and write out the lines
feigning ignorance
at the stump
of the Tree of Life
knowing full damn well
with perfect knowledge
who it was
that chopped down the cherries
and shook loose
the apple from our eyes
along with the beam
along with the mote
along with the tear
there comes no river
no false cry
nor weeping

– A poem written in the first hour of the new day. Might as well start these things off with a bang. Light the candles…or use a lamp…just a little light is needed…just a little urge toward evolution…
Many thanks to these five Twitter-Verse poetry prompt hosts for providing the inspiration with which I was able to hammer out this early morning piece:
#orjay 1002
#VerseReversal 276
#DsubVerse 193
#WrittenRiver 458
Thank you also to the many other hosts on Twitter who have kept me inspired for the past few months since I first stumbled upon all the potential fun and games that were available to play around with.
In the moments just before Midnight, before having written the poem above, I wrote this one…
For the Love of War
Love thy enemy
while still doing everything you can
to make sure their plans never reach fruition
never in a thousand years
never with their empire ruling
Confuse not hatred with war
keep it pure
rage it righteous
and here is a recording of “For the Love of War” via audioBoom…just because I’m in a groove…and I know these fits can only last so long…so it’s of a primal necessity to capture the moment and suck it dry before the final crash…
Anyway, enough of all that. Thank you to everyone who stops by 17Numa to read my words. The process of building this site up brick by brick is definitely something I’ve been enjoying of late. It’s great to keep meeting new people, and that’s why I encourage anyone who would like to get in touch with me to reach out and contact me on Facebook and Twitter.
We’re halfway through October…what does it mean? I dunno…but maybe the existential answer will be found after the next cup of coffee is emptied.
Bottoms up…seek the source…seize the truth…
Scott Thomas Outlar

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