Raw Electric Waves

chocolate espresso bar
in the midnight hour
a little sip of coffee
a little puff of smoke
I can see crystal cities
beyond the haze
I can feel electric light
coursing through the veins of night
Wi-Fi waves smog the room
bathing in the collective vibe
Candle burning end to end
all paths lead to inner peace…
Owls send early morning signals
through songs of audible consciousness
A swamp of synchronicity fills the air
a perfect crest in which to nest…

Whether or not the internet service at my home was operational over the past five days was basically dependent upon a frayed wire’s amount of connective friction. Little teases of fusion for brief periods of the day, interspersed with long hours where the electric cohesion was just not happening. And that’s cool. It definitely threw a wrench in my regularly scheduled program…which worked out great in the fact that it presented me with an opportunity to use the time to type up a couple dozen poems from the past few weeks and to put together a chapbook that I’d been thinking about lately. Not to say that the whole situation wasn’t slightly annoying at certain moments…but, gee whiz and shucks, by golly, that’s just life, ya know?
Thank you to Scott Waldyn at Literary Orphans for publishing my poem “Chameleon” in issue 21 which came out last week. Very cool to appear in this journal for the first time.
Thank you, as always, to Angie Tibbs at Dissident Voice for publishing “Bad News Travels Fast” at the Sunday Poetry Page yesterday. A piece I wrote last week after picking up a copy of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” and realizing it’d been a hell of a long time since I’d read from it…a couple of years, in fact…and then I remembered why that was…
Thank you to Samantha Rose at Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine for accepting my poem “Sucking Vapors” to appear in issue 8 that will be released soon.
Thank you, thank you, thank you…and thank you…yes, you…
Scott Thomas Outlar

2 thoughts on “Raw Electric Waves

  1. Raw Electric Waves made me recall similar days with the Little teases of fusion for brief periods you mention. A worthy poem of your pen Scott, which like usual you can take to another dimension. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Maria. Yes, those moments when connectivity isn’t quite pulsing perfectly can be slightly frustrating. But the lights always seem to come back on eventually, as it were. Selah

      Liked by 1 person

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