Game Day Heartache…August Recap

The start of college football
is now less than a week away.
This will be the second season
since my Father passed on.
When UGA kicks off this coming Saturday
in the noon hour
memories from hundreds of games
we watched together
will surely be careening through my mind.
The four overtimes game against Auburn
when Robert Edwards ran wild.
The SEC Championship and subsequent
Sugar Bowl blowouts against
Arkansas and Florida State
in Mark Richt’s second year at the helm.
The screw job in the 2007 polls
when Georgia was not voted into the National Title game.
The final play in the 2012 SEC Championship game against Alabama
that left Georgia within 5 yards of victory
after making a last minute storm down the field…
another near miss opportunity
that would have put them in the National Title game.
All the rivalry games against Tech
that inevitably came down to the final play,
sometimes going our way, sometimes not.
But more than anything what I’ll remember
are the talks we had after games,
thrilling in victory, or agonizing in defeat.
Mulling things over and helping each other
keep the larger picture of life in perspective.
I miss those talks, as well as the others
about space, God, love, truth, ancient history,
technology, psychology, philosophy, medicine,
natural health, science fiction and fantasy books,
family, food, politics, baseball, society, friendship,
and every other damned thing under the sun.
We always wish we could have
just one more conversation…
but we can’t
because death is the final goodbye;
no matter how many tears we weep,
no matter how many prayers we whisper,
there will never be another conversation.
But the memories remain,
as does the unconditional love.
I know my Father would be proud
of the efforts I’m making in my life
as I push with every ounce of energy
toward reaching the goals I set
so many years ago.
If you see me this Saturday
off alone,
please know that I’m not talking to myself…
my quivering lips
are just an effort
to try and send
a final word Dad’s way.
I love you forever…
and Go Dawgs!
– In loving memory of Barry Thomas Outlar

August Recap:
Thankfully, it was quite an exciting and successful month for me, and I’d like to take a moment to thank all the editors associated with these 37 literary venues for accepting and/or publishing my poetry in August:
Yellow Chair Review; Indiana Voice Journal; Sonic Boom; A Long Story Short; Dissident Voice; Piker Press; Your One Phone Call; Visual Verse; Dead Snakes; Social Justice Poetry; Rasputin; Syzygy Poetry Journal; Poetry Quarterly; The Voices Project; Tuck Magazine; The Poet Community; Nazar Look; Eunoia Review; Mad Swirl; The Fat Damsel; The Bond Street Review; Whispers; Kind of a Hurricane Press; The Angry Manifesto; Visceral Uterus; Digging through the Fat; Slim Volume (Pankhearst); Calliope Magazine; Viral Cat; The Song is…; Aberration Labyrinth; Exercise Bowler; WritingRaw; Belle Reve Literary Journal; Synesthesia Literary Journal; Of/with; and Verse-Virtual. Links to all of these publications, as well as over one hundred others, can be found on the Links tab at the top of this page.
I’d also like to thank Dustin Pickering and Z.M. Wise at Transcendent Zero Press for taking my chapbook “Songs of a Dissident” on board for publication early next year. I will always be indebted for the support I’ve received from the friends who helped this project reach the point it is at now.
On a more personal note, I will soon reach the 100 day mark since turning away from the seductive temptress of alcohol. I will certainly drink again someday because wine is simply one of the great pleasures to be found in this worldly realm of flesh and blood, and I just love to dance with Dionysus when the mood is right. But, after years on end of bullying my liver and kidneys, my body and mind did need this type of a sustained break, so it has been nice to really squeeze out the organs of late in a hardcore detoxification process.
September has arrived. That means the kickoff of Georgia football. That means singing and dancing. That means Psalms of Selah sung in thankfulness unto the celestial spheres. That means actually taking a break from writing for a few hours each Saturday…and maybe even taking a deep breath once in awhile. But, of course, one must never lose sight of the ultimate goal…and I surely will not.
Thank you to everyone who visits 17Numa and reads my words. This site has now been up for seven months. There were over 2,150 page views and more than 850 visitors in August – an exponential increase from the previous month’s traffic. I don’t really know how to express my appreciation for everyone who is coming here. Stated simply: Thank you. I’m looking forward to the month of September, to the cycling of the Autumn season, and to finishing this year on a high note.
I love to connect with new people, so please feel free to contact me on Facebook and Twitter. Let us honor those who have passed by celebrating this life we are still blessed with.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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