Habitual Intoxication of Infinite Infatuation

Addicted to full throttle
Addicted to ignition
Addicted to hair trigger pressure
Addicted to the big squeeze
Addicted to nuclear reaction
Addicted to mass explosion
Addicted to the sky fall
Addicted to the aftermath
Addicted to Revelation fever
Addicted to Apocalyptic fervor
Addicted to the fallout frenzy
Addicted to the high wave future
Addicted to the peak note
Addicted to the sex pot
Addicted to the cum shot
Addicted to the holy chalice
Addicted to the blackout stupor
Addicted to the whitewash hangover
Addicted to the sliced vein
Addicted to the open gushing wound
Addicted to the bloodbath fury
Addicted to the yawning grave
Addicted to the reaper’s scythe
Addicted to the turning season
Addicted to the slaughtered past
Addicted to the burnout fade away
Addicted to the forked tongue liar
Addicted to the apple’s worm
Addicted to the acid rain
Addicted to the sorrow fields
Addicted to the sowing
Addicted to the reaping
Addicted to the harvest feast
Addicted to the silent fast
Addicted to every habit
though I know they never last
Joseph Campbell said that the body at 35 years of age is in its peak natural condition of virility and physical strength…
Maynard James Keenan sang, watch the weather change…

Happy to have had two poems accepted recently by Of/with: journal of immanent renditions for the upcoming third issue that will be out later in September. The editor, Felino A. Soriano, is quite an accomplished poet, and it is always nice to have one’s work pass the test of respected eyes. “Sponge Squeeze in a Twisted Terrain” and “Multiplying through Ancient Division” were both written at the park last week specifically with the intention of sending them to Of/with. Occasionally (more frequently of late) my intuition will bring a specific venue to mind and then I’ll focus my attention toward writing something to send there; and the fruits recently have been good.
My poem “Primal Roar” appeared in issue 2 a few months ago alongside poets such as Marianne Szlyk, Heath Brougher, Alan Britt, A.J. Huffman, Pijush Kanti Deb, Bryn Fortey, John Pursch, and many others.
I’d like to encourage everyone to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter, if only because it’s a lot of fun.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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