Entrapment Woven to a Precarious Edge: Three Poems

Bend but Don’t Break
Worldly desires
serve as an albatross
around the soul’s neck,
sending the entrapped flesh
below the tide
to drown in ocean’s depths;
but sometimes
a little bit of pressure
on the lungs is nice,
as it helps develop
oxygen capacity to breathe
much better
when the new wave rises
and the body is released
to seek the next
treasure around the bend.
Beware the Webs
The spiders come out at night,
weaving their wicked webs
of entangled deception,
seeking to capture prey
that has been blinded
by the darkness.
This is not a complex thought.
There is not a fount of wisdom here.
Just a simple warning:
Be careful when the sun falls
and the liars ready their fangs.
Risk and Reward
Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll
can take one to the heights,
but the edge is precarious
and it’s a long fall back down
to where one began the climb…
but damn if that rise
doesn’t pitch a sweet deal
when offering its temptations.

Thank you to Angie Tibbs at Dissident Voice for running my weekly poem on Sunday. “Same Old Song and Dance” can be read at this link. I’d recommend checking out Don Beukes poem “YOU” which also appeared at the site.
Thank you to editor Karen O’Leary at Whispers for accepting my poem “Left Wondering” to appear next month; a piece that was originally published at Poems and Poetry earlier this year.
It was nice to see Jake Arrieta of the Chicago Cubs throw a no-hitter against the Dodgers last night. I watched a replay of the final ten minutes where he struck out the side in the bottom of the ninth…up over one hundred pitches but still hitting 96 mph and throwing absolute filth down and in to the two lefties, Rollins and Utley, whom he completely overmatched. So, there’s a sports update…with college football kicking off in a few days, I expect there will be plenty more. Truth is, I’ve had baseball basically tuned out since a couple weeks into the season. There has been a laser beam of focus for months on end while going about whatever it is that I’ve undertaken with this whole writing thingamajig. But there is not a single chance in hell that I’m going to miss the Georgia games. I can take a few breaths on Saturdays…the judgment has been rendered…it is allowed.
Anyone who would like to connect, please feel free to contact me on Facebook and Twitter. I’m always seeking to meet new readers, fellow writers, and pretty much anyone that is hip to the rhythm of the Renaissance.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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