Hot and Cold Highs and Lows

singsong in the celestial skyline
horizon humming on high
with a melody from the stars
we’ve waited
all this time
for just one thing
patiently longing
for the Word
from out the void
like the silence
needs the storm
we’ve been begging
for the noise
Raucous thunder
like no other
from Valhalla
the gods are weeping sorrow’s note
striking sharp against our flesh
abandon ship!
abandon soul!
the Devil has come
with Rock ‘n Roll
to drown our voice
unto damnation
at the bottom
of a river
but there’s no hellfire
just frigid cold

Twitter Poem prompt response for:
#MadVerse 431
I usually try to include prompts from more of the Twitter hosts when I’m stringing these longer combination pieces together, but tonight this poem felt complete after working through just two, so who am I argue with my own intuition…besides it is past my bedtime, and I need to get at least a few hours of rest because I’m going to be waking up early in the morning to go play tennis so long as the rain holds off in Atlanta. Which means, wrap this blog up posthaste and fall asleep an hour ago.
…but, of course, that isn’t too likely to happen.

Stoked to have received my copy of The Angry Manifesto issue 3.0 in the mail today. Many thanks to Matt Duggan and Simon Leake for including my poem “Venom Laced Jackal Fangs” in this Propaganda/Middle East themed edition of the zine. Happy to see writers whose work I dig such as Strider Marcus Jones and Bryn Fortey listed as fellow contributors.
Anyone who would like to get in contact, just drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter. I’m always seeking to make new connections.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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