Kaleidoscopic Wonderland

The slightest subtle hint of chill in the air,
heralding the approach of Autumn.
August is not quite ready to give up the ghost of Summer,
but the new season is gently poking its nose in.
Soon now the imagery of brightly colored leaves
will splash upon nature’s beautiful canvass.
Always such an amazing spectacle to witness
how the death of green foliage can be so stunning.
Red, yellow, orange, purple, and brown hues
will hang limp before falling back to the soil.
Reabsorbed into the dust and ash from which they emerged
to continue the cycle of life in perpetuity.
There is no ending in sight,
only glorious new beginnings born afresh each year.
Naked branches will stand stoic in the storms,
collecting snow and ice of majestic crystalline forms.
Each flake a microcosmic world unto itself –
special, unique, and individuated from the source.
Reflecting the power of human consciousness
in those whose soul signature has been activated.
We have all come from the same Logos inspired Word of God,
breathed into the physical world to experience each season in turn.

I’m going to be giving a poetry reading during the latter part of October in Augusta, Georgia, and so have been gradually trying to figure out which pieces might work best for the event. I’ve been using SoundCloud and audioBoom to record excerpts from the past year’s material. “3,2,1…” will likely be what I open with, and there are a few other selections I’ve got in mind at this point.
This is a link to the version of “Prioritizing the Priorities” I recorded last evening. It’s now in the mix as a possible candidate. This poem appeared first at Dissident Voice last December, and later in this year’s March issue of Indiana Voice Journal.
I like to encourage everyone to connect with me here at 17Numa, as well as on Facebook and Twitter…I’m always happy to meet new people and hear their thoughts.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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