Silver Waves in the Night

With smelted swords of steel
they weave their webs of war
with threads of fire
and threats of flames
they seal our fate
with the Judas kiss
while they dance
into black mergers
with the night
Come now darkly
all ye Archangels
there is a fallen
paradise to claim
with apples rotten
with worms galore
with coffin cradled
in a womb of dirt
Come now softly
all ye silent waves
there is a jailbreak
tearing down the gates
With silver strings of lies
they draw their battle lines
in the sand
while the sun keeps spinning
garden be damned

A Twitter poem prompt response for:
#MadVerse 429

Thank you to Taylor and Em Rose Ramser at Visceral Uterus for accepting my piece “A Poem about a Book That Has yet to Be Written” which will be appearing at the site in the next few days.
Thank you to Chris Gorrie and Seretta Martin at Synesthesia Literary Journal for accepting my piece “Tease” for the upcoming volume 3:2. This is a short poem that I posted on FB around six weeks ago which happened to be seen by Chris, and he was then kind enough to reach out and ask if I’d like to submit it to Synesthesia. My answer, of course, was yes. It is always a nice feeling when an editor solicits work, and I certainly appreciate all those who have recently done so.
Thank you also to Vanessa Eccles at Belle Reve Literary Journal for accepting my poem “Tidal Ignition” to appear later on this year at the site. I’ll link the current Summer issue here; it was released back in early June and contains four of my poems. I’m stoked that I’m being allowed to contribute once more.

Anyone that would like to stay in touch can reach me on both Twitter and Facebook. It’s always a pleasure to connect with new people, and that’s why I’ll continue to encourage everyone to drop me a line and say hello.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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