New Speak (Sowing Season)

Some people
try to kill two birds
with one stone
but I’m far more interested
in planting two seeds
at the same time

Many thanks to Stephen Jarrell Williams for publishing “Midnight Halo” at his site Dead Snakes yesterday.
Thank you, also, to Guy Farmer for publishing “Kicking up Dirt” at his site Social Justice Poetry. A poem which was written as a response to a violent shooting spree that took place in a church some months back, and that originally appeared at Dissident Voice.

I am beyond excited to announce that I will be mailing out the signed contract for “Songs of a Dissident” today to Transcendent Zero Press. The chapbook is scheduled for a January 2016 release. I’m thrilled to be working with TZP which is run out of Houston, Texas by Dusting Pickering and Z.M. Wise. I anticipate the final product will look quite sharp, as I’ve been included on two occasions now in their quarterly journal Harbinger Asylum, and in both instances I was thoroughly impressed with the appearance and style of the copies which were sent to me.
I will certainly be mentioning more details about this chapbook in the near future. I’d like to think Dustin, Z.M., and everyone who has helped move this project along to the point it is at now.
I’d like to encourage those who are interested to check out Transcendent Zero Press by following this link where you can find further details about Harbinger Asylum as well as other books that have been released in the past.

You can always connect with me by leaving a comment here on the blog, and by reaching out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Good days are ahead, my friends.
Scott Thomas Outlar

3 thoughts on “New Speak (Sowing Season)

    1. Don, thank you for the kind words. I’m definitely excited about the future release of “Songs of a Dissident.” A chapbook is essentially a compilation of material (35 pages of poetry in this case) that is shorter than a full length manuscript, and is oftentimes focused around a similar theme.

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