Carrion Fiat Feast

Trading commodities
on the floor
of a viper pit
Watch out for venom
in the dirty derivatives
being exchanged
for stock market satiation
of a compulsive greed
the more they get
the more they need
Gone mad with lust
for the next fix
at the next guy’s expense
Paper fiat fallout
written in blood
chiseled in the sands of time
Watch out for the vultures
they will rip you apart
at the roots
and spit in your face
with hollow point
rusted steel bullets
burnt from the chamber
basking in the comfort
of trigger finger sin
wearing a badge of black Kevlar
wearing black boots
wearing out
every possible route
toward peace
Come the enforcers
Come the fascists
Come the digital
Come one world calculated currency
Come the Mark of the Beast
Come the horsemen of famine
Come rain the night down
Come whisper the Apocalypse
Money, Money, Money, Money…

A Twitter-inspired poem prompt response for:
#VerseReversal 232
#MadVerse 427

Thank you to the editors at WritingRaw for accepting three poems of mine yesterday. Bread and Circus; Carnal Violence; and When I Think About (Insert Politician Here) are scheduled to appear in the upcoming September issue. “When I Think About (Insert Politician Here)” originally appeared a few months back at Dissident Voice as one of my weekly Sunday poems.
Thank you also to Sarah Frances Moran at Yellow Chair Review for accepting “A Heavy Yawn of Vomited Evolution” to appear in the October horror themed issue. I wrote this piece specifically with YCR in mind while in the woods at the local park. YCR has fast become one of my favorite indie lit journals. The first four issues that Sarah has compiled have all been solid throughout. I’ve connected with many fine poets whose work I came across while reading through these issues. I fully believe that YCR is going to continue to steadily grow, drawing even more great talent to its pages. I’d encourage anyone who loves poetry as much as I do to check out the past issues, which I’ll link below.

Thank you to everyone who stops by 17numa and reads my work. I’m on a mission, and knowing that these words are getting in front of people’s eyes definitely motivates me to keep moving forward. One step at a time. One deep breath at a time. One letter, one word, one sentence, one stanza, one poem, one page at a time. One seed in the ground at a time. One cycling season at a time. One sow. One reap. One harvest. One feast. One slumber. One dream.
I’m always looking to connect with everyone on Facebook and Twitter, so feel free to click on the links and drop me a line. I should really start messing around on LinkedIn at this point to figure out what it’s all about…but as for now, I would just like to encourage everyone to continue checking in here at 17numa to see what is new. One of these days I might actually say something cool…
Scott Thomas Outlar

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