Core Agenda

Brass tax time –
the only revolution
that has true significance
is the one which first takes place
inside your own psyche.
Shaking your fist
and raging against
the injustices of the world
will not do a lick of good
if your own spirit
is polluted with anger,
angst, apathy, and aggression.
Gandhi was wise with his maxim:
Be the change you want to see in the world.
M.J. wasn’t just whistling Dixie in the wind
when he sang about the man in the mirror.
If the events taking place around you
cause suffering and sorrow,
it’s probably time for an enlightened evolution
brought about by a change of your own perception
to spark the realization that the pain you feel
is a projection of your own psychological core.
If the violence in the Middle East,
the looting by the bankers,
the emerging police state,
the toxic food, air, and water,
the profit driven medical industry,
the military industrial war machine,
the privately run prisons,
the corporate media whores,
the faux righteous indignation from the peanut gallery,
the burning oilfields,
the radiation filled Pacific Ocean,
the carbon smog polluted atmosphere,
the politically correct fascist brigades,
the special interest crony bureaucracies,
the alphabet soup unelected federal departments,
and the basic decline of society happening all around
has you bubbling over with hopelessness…
well, then it’s time to win the battle
raging in your own heart.
It is only after reaching a space
of calm mindfulness in your own thoughts
that you’ll be able to approach the problems
in the world with a sense of love and peace.
Until you’ve silenced the demons within
you’ll only be adding fuel to the fire
when you try to fight violence with violence.
The revolution will not be televised,
but it will be broadcast
as a pure vibration of courageous strength
which resonates outward
from the essence of your own emissions.
As long as your personal frequency is polluted
you’ll just be blowing hot air and smoke
into an already poisoned atmosphere;
but once you start breathing
serenity into your purified lungs
the oxygen around you
will begin tasting a whole lot sweeter.
Like unto like
is a Natural Law –
hate begets hate
while inner peace
begets world peace.
The solution is simple –
take control of your own consciousness,
stop blaming outside forces,
and align completely with the higher holy path
toward inner illumination,
which in turn
allows you to shine a bright light
on the world at large.
This life is just a game –
have fun
and play to win.

Another poem written in the woods at the local park last week. Seems that’s the place to bang out the words of late. Well, there and any/everywhere else, I suppose. Here in bed. Sitting on a brick wall outside a church funeral. In the car when an idea hits. With head in the clouds. With feet placed firmly upon the ground. When first waking up. Just before going to sleep. During every meal. Uhm, yeah, it’s been 170 mph for awhile now…and there is absolutely no reason I can think of to stop at this point.
Once upon a time I was driving a car down a hill when the brakes went out. I lived. I haven’t slowed down since.

Thank you to Julie Kovacs at Exercise Bowler for accepting my poem “In a Blaze of Glory” to appear in the upcoming Fall issue. The last edition that she put out was very nicely compiled, so I’m honored to be included again.
It’s a little after 3 a.m. and so it’s time to call this a night. There are a few more updates I want to announce, but I would like to be more rested when I write about them so that I can give them the gravity which they deserve. Exciting things are beginning to happen.
I’d like to connect with you, so if you’d like to connect with me, please do so on Facebook and Twitter. Badabing Badabang Badaboom
Scott Thomas Outlar

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