Spiders in the Ash

Spiders in my eyes
Spiders in my hair
Spiders down my pants
Spiders in my rot gut
blood raw liver
Spiders in the halo
around the moon
Spiders in the owl light
Spiders in the wisdom’s sign
Spiders in the compass star
Spiders in the midnight shine
that goes on and on and on
Spiders in the circle
Spiders in the needle
Spiders in the spell
Spiders in the curse
Spiders in the grave
with the worms
however deep
the cancer weaves
its web of deception
Spiders in the cycle
of karma lurking
Spiders in the hand of God
Spiders in the chalice of wine
Spiders in the crimson flood
Spiders in the cracked black silence
Spiders in my sleep
Spiders in my dreams
Spiders cast into the fire

A #SpokenWord poem prompt response for:
#WhisperingNeds 14
#MadVerse 425

Thank you to poetry editor Angie Tibbs at Dissident Voice where my weekly poem, “Ode to the First Cigarette of the Day,” was published yesterday.
Many thanks to A.J. Huffman and April Salzano at Kind of a Hurricane Press for including my poem “Ballerina of the Sky” in the 2014 Storm Cycle Anthology which was recently released. The poem originally appeared last year at Jellyfish Whispers. The print edition of the anthology, which has a contributor’s list that is chalk full of great talent, is available at this link.
There were over 300 visitors and 800 views on 17numa last week – by far the highest traffic this site has seen in the first six months. A little over half of the views were on the Links Page. I’m very pleased that people are using the page as a resource to check out the venues which are listed there. I hope that this site can continue to serve with the purpose of helping spread the word about the indie lit poetry scene.
Connect with me here at 17numa, as well as on Facebook and Twitter…it’ll be fun.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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