Fleshing It Out

Poet: an identity.
Loneliness: a state of being.
Outcast: a self-created wound.
Love: a scar that never heals.
Hope: forever present; sometimes dim, sometimes bright.
Truth: an existential riddle.
Consciousness: a cross to carry.
Peace: an unknown territory.
Destiny: something to believe in.
Work: an honest occupation.
Job: a waste of God’s gift.
Time: an illusion, yet ever so heavy.
Money: the big lie.
Soul: a vibration of energy.
Source: alpha, omega, and all things in between.
Heaven: perfection within.
Hell: of our own making.
Sex: a long forgotten remedy.
Companionship: nowhere to be found.
Nature: a flowing homeostasis.
Technology: a double-edged sword.
Government: a manifestation of Satan.
Fear: the shadow of the psyche.
Ego: a survival mechanism.
Tao: the holy path.
Anarchy: only for the enlightened.
Chaos: a necessary measure.
Order: a self-regulating pattern.
Poem: one more on the page.

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