Different Dimensions

Whenever I hit a wall in life
it never fails
that the wall hits back,
but I’m a clever little dude
who always finds a way
to dance around
the rigid dimensions
of that brick bastard’s boundaries…
or, if all else fails,
I’ve never been adverse
to climbing to the top,
perching at the peak,
and diving over headfirst
to the other side,
because after pushing past a plateau
the rewards which are reaped
are always sweet, indeed.

Once upon a time
in another state of mind
with a psilocybin high,
I met a pure white wall
standing sturdy in a hall
toward which I was drawn
as it swung open its gate,
giving me a glimpse
into another dimension
with a crystalline vision
revealing the sacred geometrical vibrations
which serve as the foundation
of all form and matter in creation.
The pink and blue neon fluorescent shapes
swirled around as part of a pulsing, shifting mandala,
serenading me with the sweet song
of collective consciousness
which manifests as frequencies of light and sound
in every realm of reality,
all birthed and born from the same source
of the original Word…

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