Revelations in the Marrow

The vastness of your scope
as I stare into the sky
reveals itself here and there
with glimpses into the absolute glimmer,
yet the mystery remains ineffable
in a context beyond that which
my primitive consciousness can grasp,
and I’m beginning to understand
that the seduction of your existential aloofness
is part and parcel
to the inherent romance in this experience of life.

I cannot come to know you fully
in the spaces of my mind,
but I can feel you in my guts,
in my heart, in my veins,
through my blood, in my bones,
down to the marrow.

These two open eyes
cannot gleam your greatness,
but when they are closed
I can see dimensions
beyond this physical plane of existence,
and I can sense the raw power
which pulses from your source
as it radiates outward
to be divined by those who truly seek.

The names which you have been called by
throughout the ages
mean nothing to me at this point –
simple words babbled from broken tongues
cannot capture the purity of your meaning;
it is your essence
to which I am addicted,
and I will never cease
reaching toward your unconditional love
until every urgent craving in my soul
has been satiated by your presence.

The month of July is off to a nice start, as I’ve had fourteen poems published in nine different venues so far. They can be found at the links below. They are also linked on my Poems Page, along with hundreds of other pieces that have been released this year.

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A Difference in Degree – Dissident Voice

Entropy and Evolution – A New Ulster

Homecoming – A New Ulster

Fluttering – A New Ulster

Detoxification – A New Ulster

Stand Aside– Black Mirror Magazine

A Simple Man – Black Mirror Magazine

One Last Time Forever – The Poet Community

Sweet Assurances – Visual Verse

The Sadist Cometh – The Screech Owl

3,2,1… – Burningword Literary Journal

To the Fascist Fundamentalist Editor – Yellow Chair Review


Scott Thomas Outlar

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