To The Fascist Fundamentalist Editor by Scott Thomas Outlar

I used to agree with Nietzsche
about having no pity for fools,
but you’ve blown a hole
through my philosophy with this one.
Your opinion is so bad –
(of course, that’s just my opinion)
[but my opinion is better than yours]
{much better, in fact, by far}
…and so is my style…
– that I cannot help but feel sorry.
Right brain, left brain – some of us
like to use both hemispheres, leaving your
literal, classical interpretation
in the mud
with the rest of the extinct fossils
that forgot to evolve
when the natural selections were being made.
To favor a particular aesthetic over others is one thing;
to suck its cock eternally
like a blind religious ceremony
is quite another.
This is the New Age, baby –
This is the Renaissance Revolution –
This is an artistic orgy –
Better get you some
while the fire’s still…

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