Pushing Past Plateau

Two completed weeks without alcohol

and now the initial euphoria has begun to wear off,

but the intention toward good health

still burns hot in the embers of my heart.

When a plateau is reached

there are three basic choices that can be made –

hold steady and chill out,

taking in the new sights

from a level you haven’t been at for awhile,

lose focus and start to slip

back down the mountain to the point

from whence you began the climb,

or keep the head held high, take a deep breath,

and carry on in an upward direction

toward the next peak moment

where an even better view will provide

a higher perspective of the overall journey.

Stages of evolution

provide tests and trials of progression,

and present challenges

that serve as opportunities for further adaptation.

Fourteen days are not enough

to change every bad habit energy

that I’ve developed over the many years of debauchery,

but fourteen days are just enough

to provide the courage and inner resolve

necessary to continue forward toward the goal

of perfect peace, radiant health,

unconditional love, and high vibration.

Give me two more weeks along this course

and watch how the burgeoning shine

transforms into a full-fledged  fire.

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