I Would Change the Title

I would change the world if I could.

Turn up the fire during Summer.

Make it more frigid come the Fall.

I would change my mind

about wanting to change

the collective mind.

They are always going to be that way.

They are always going to do those things.

I would change the color of my soul.

Embrace the shadow until it glows.

I would change the structure of the holy sign.

Break it down to chaos…then watch it rise.

I would change the way that water flows.

Send it up the ivory tower as a flood.

Drown the Corporate Beast in its lair.

I would change how often war is fought.

Make it more common…then call it off.

Let all the scores be settled first,

then pull the plug…have peace on Earth.

I would change the high note to a peak.

Now nothing less than plateau dreams.

Blood rush frenzy…summit fever sleep.

I would change the way the words lay out.

Flip the script with a rising dawn.

Lace the sky…with a song

in the New Age.

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