Countdown toward Oblivion…Or…The Next Phase of Evolution

These are the links to the twenty poems I’ve had published in the first week of June. I’m four away from having 300 published so far in 2015. I don’t know exactly what that means…except that maybe I don’t get out much lately.

Inevitable – Mad Swirl

Balance Points – Poems and Poetry

Sitting Pretty – Dissident Voice

A Friendly Reminder – The Poet Community

Learning to Sing the Word – Medusa’s Kitchen

Heart of Hearts – Medusa’s Kitchen

Kind of – Medusa’s Kitchen

Facing the Cycle – Medusa’s Kitchen

Left Wondering – Poems and Poetry

Selling Out Cheap – The Screech Owl

Crossroads – Belle Reve Literary Review

Do Not Answer – Belle Reve Literary Review

And Streets Lined with Gold – Belle Reve Literary Review

No Time for Worries – Belle Reve Literary Review

The Marrow – Dead Snakes

A Mouth Full of Ashes – Dead Snakes

Taking Measure – Enclave

Substance vs. Style – Visual Verse

So Good It Hurts – Exercise Bowler

Early Morning Thoughts after a Great Date – Calliope Magazine


Scott Thomas Outlar

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