Bloody Genes…The Kingdom…Bread and Circus…

I had two poems published today:

Bloody Genes – Record

The Kingdom – The Screech Owl

And this is something I threw up on Facebook tonight:

OK, I’m feeling frisky and have a good buzz beginning to develop, so why not, eh?

Remember the election – damn, it’s really important to vote this particular political party in over that other political party because it will certainly make a huge difference in the change we start to see.

Remember the Super Bowl – damn, how could they throw a pass in that situation from inside the five with one time out in their back pocket and an absolute Beast ready to run roughshod over some poor doomed fools?

Remember the Grammy’s – damn, hasn’t that dude pulled that same lame hijack-the-stage stunt before?

Remember the Oscar’s – damn, didn’t that actress who grew up in the shadows of Hollywood give a tremendous speech that spontaneously poured forth from her bleeding heart out on that million dollar platform that was designed specifically for bleeding heart actresses to spontaneously pour their hearts out on?

Remember yesterday when the corporate gloom-and-doom media was predicting an apocalyptic snowstorm of biblical proportions, and was frantically urging everyone to rush to the local grocery store and stock up on grains and dairy?

Of course not.
Because none of it really needs to be remembered. It’s just a collective steam valve that’s opened up now and again so the entire populace doesn’t go mad from all the chaos in the world.
It’s called Bread and Circus for a damn good reason.
They’ve got this sideshow stuff down to a science after a few thousand years of fine-tuning.

Remember Afghanistan? Remember Iraq? Remember Egypt? Remember Libya? Remember Syria? Remember Ukraine? Remember drones? Remember torture? Remember surveillance on all the citizens?

Remember how it has all continued smooth as can be under both “Team Red” and “Team Blue”?

So it goes.
Never mind.
Nothing to see here…
move along –


Scott Thomas Outlar

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