The Easy, Low, Sleazy, Treacherous Route…Detaching from the Fall…Final Edits and Tweaks

Detaching from the Fall – Published today at Uut Poetry

I’m going to take the easy, low, sleazy, treacherous route tonight and just use the copy and paste functions to plagiarize my own work from Facebook posts written earlier in the evening…

A philosophical quandary:
What happens when you make that pivotal life decision to finally leave the past behind you, and then realize, as you turn your back to walk away, that you forgot your keys inside the last bar you were drinking at?

I’m feeling a bit too cocky this evening.
Jesus Christ, Buddha, somebody, anybody, come strike me down, slaughter this poisonous ego, and scatter the ashes to the four winds of chaos, lest I begin buying into the bullshit hype that is rolling around in my own head.
Oh no…I just poured another glass of Pinot…I’m afraid it is already too late…

Working on the final edits and tweaks to my debut chapbook “A Black Wave Cometh” which is set to be released in April through Dink Press. I’m getting a bit of an itchy trigger finger tonight…wanting to throw something from the project out there…so here’s an excerpt…

Begging for the Lie

Pump me full of venom
and let me loose
in the garden
where I can sink my fangs
into this fallen creation

Give me more of less
so I can turn
base metal into gold
and sell my wicked soul
for the highest bid around

Tease me with your wares
and wear me down
when I am needy
until temptation is too much
and I go begging for the darkness

Seduce me with sweet lies
because I like them
more than light
when roaming inside of shadows
where I weep with you come night

If there is anyone who might be interested in receiving an advance copy of the chapbook to possibly provide a review or blurb, please contact either I or Kristopher D. Taylor. It would certainly be hugely appreciated.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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