Countdown to the Midnight Hour

A last hour save by Social Justice Poetry kept whatever type of streak I have going alive, meaning at least one poem got published today. I’ve had 65 poems published so far in February and 115 so far in 2015. When I consciously think about those numbers they seem a bit ridiculous. Such a breakneck pace might end up throwing me into a terrible fit of exhaustion, but, hell, I’m going to keep the throttle pushed to 170 mph for as long as I possibly can. I didn’t wait for over a decade to finally start the process of publishing just to take my foot off the gas right as things really start revving up. No, no, it’s basically success or annihilation at this point.

To Each Its Own is actually an excerpt from a longer piece that originally appeared at Dissident Voice a few months ago. Speaking of Dissident Voice, my weekly poem there has already had more shares in the first four days of the week than any other poem has received during the entire seven months I’ve been contributing. That seems like a positive sign.

Also on the good news front, Dink Press will be publishing my debut chapbook “A Black Wave Cometh” at some point in the near future, most likely in the latter half of April. The time has come to really dig my heels in and start marketing the idea that my words need to be read. After all, the key to any solid advertising campaign is convincing people that a want of some kind is actually a need.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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